Long Island Commercial Fishing Assoc.: NOP Threatens New Regulatory Burdens

In an op-ed published today in The Hill, Long Island Commercial Fishing Association Executive Director Bonnie Brady shared her group’s perspective on how implementation of the National Ocean Policy and its marine planning component could impact the Long Island seafood industry.

Stating that the Mid-Atlantic ocean planning effort being conducted under the National Ocean Policy is more than voluntary and non-regulatory, Brady wrote about the policy has created uncertainty and anxiety and imposed a solution in search of a problem.  In doing so, she also cited the Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body’s development of new marine life data maps of “core areas” and “hotspots” for regulatory use, new potential pre-application requirements, and its possible establishment of new guidelines relating to Essential Fish Habitat consultations and/or designations.

Brady also relayed concerns about the absence of details about how agencies will implement the Mid-Atlantic ocean plan being drafted, and impacts of National Ocean Policy implementation on agency budgets and statutory mandates.

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