New Bedford Seafood Industry Rep: NE Ocean Plan Could Harm Fishermen

In an op-ed published today in the Gloucester Times, New Bedford Seafood Consulting’s Jim Kendall highlighted concerns about the regulatory impacts of Northeast Regional Planning Body activities on New England’s fishing industry.

Writing that federal agencies will be bound to implement the RPB’s marine plan pursuant to the National Ocean Policy Executive Order, among other things Kendall notes that active fisherman and their representatives have been unable to officially participate in RPB discussions and that the plan will require agencies to use products in their regulatory activities, will be used in pre-application reviews, and might also be used to conduct essential fish habitat consultations.

Kendall further notes that questions remain unanswered as to how the marine plan will interact with federally-authorized fishery management plans and that many remain unaware that this process is underway, urging fishermen and others to register their concerns with the RPB.

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